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What will my wedding film look like?

All our Wedding videography packages feature full coverage of the key parts of your day. specifically the ceremony, speeches and first dance.

Apart from the super value Essentials package, all films start with some lovely opening shots of your venue to set the scene. After this we will feature a selection of shots of your guests arriving – this is great to have because when the bride is getting ready she won’t see any of the fun stuff that’s happening before your ceremony! Have a little look at the video below which shows some examples of opening shots…

If you’ve been wise enough to have chosen our Elite package then we will create you a fun ‘getting

ready’ or ‘bride prep’ sequence – this is usually set to some upbeat, funky music (you can choose!) and often features lots of Prosecco popping, laughter and of course lots of hair and makeup shots! All bride prep is filmed by our lovely female videographer (or male if you prefer) which tends to make you all feel a little more at ease! Then whoever is giving you away, we can set things up so that we can film their reaction on seeing you in your dress for the first time. Then, depending on package, we film your journey or walk from your room to the ceremony – all good behind the scenes stuff that nobody will get to see otherwise! Check out the video below to see a few bride prep shots….

The next part is your arrival. You might have got ready at the venue of course but if you haven’t, and you’ve got a lovely car (or tractor / horse / helicopter etc) to arrive in then we will be ready to film that too. Don’t forget, when you arrive all your guests will be hidden away so unless you have a video, nobody will ever see you turn up in all your magnificence! Have a watch below to see a few different arrivals!

The next stage of the journey is the bride entry. With Select packages upwards. the second videographer will stay with you and film your walk from the car or from your room ‘behind the scenes’ to the ceremony area – again something that nobody else will see and this helps build the tension when edited together with the footage of your future husband or wife waiting for you….

Then on to the main event, your ceremony! This is filmed in full in all it’s glory. We have a camera at the back, and a camera at the front. If yours is a Church wedding you will need to get permission from the Vicar, Father or other Clergy for us to film. If you’re unlucky they may try and get you to pay a fee. We obviously have to go by their rules so if they say we can’t film from the front then…we can’t! We ask the groom to wear a small hidden radio mic because this makes sure that you can hear everything in super clear audio. If you have a band, choir, soloist, quartet or maybe even an orchestra we will record those separately too. Have a watch and listen to the video below – we hope you’ll be impressed!

After the Ceremony we film your exit then make a sequence of the socialising afterwards along with confetti, photoshoot, couple shots and whatever other wonderful things you have planned. We film your ‘announcing in’ then we have a rest while you enjoy your Wedding breakfast. After this,or before in some cases, it’s the speeches which we record in full but we won’t bore you here with a video of someone else’s speech! Finally it’s onto the special moment that is your very first dance……

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