Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wedding Videography, Marryoke & Live Streaming 


The first thing to do is see if we are available – get in touch by phone, email, WhatsApp or Facebook via our contact page. If we’re free and you’re happy, let us know and we’ll prepare a formal quote for you. We would need a 20% booking fee to hold the date then 50% of the balance 3 months prior to your big day, then the rest of it one month before. The booking fee isn’t refundable. Other payments may have a proportional refund if you cancel – this is all set out in your contract. We can be flexible with the payment schedule – if it doesn’t suit, just ask!

Take a look at our packages page for full details of our options for videography, marryoke and live streaming prices

That’s no problem, let us know your requirements and we can put together a custom package for you

Yes, with our sister company Shot By JFK. We can offer joint packages at a great rate, just message us for details!

For Kent, Essex and Cornwall no. Other parts of the Country or even the world we can quote for on an individual basis as some locations would need accomodation. You are more than welcome to provide this for us or we can charge at cost.


Absolutely – a Church wedding is very special for many reasons. It can be visually stunning but presents extra challenges which is why you will see the pricing is different for Church Weddings. The fact that it is an extra location brings extra logistical issues and costs, plus the length and complexity of the ceremony extends editing time considerably. We don’t have the same flexibility of positioning and lighting as we do in a civil ceremony as we need to respect the environment, religious sentiment and also the condtions of the clergy conducting the service. We strongly recommend you speak to the Church prior to booking your videography and photography. Some are really happy and helpful, in occasional extreme cases cameras are banned altogether so check first! Some will try and charge you for the privelege too but the effort is really worth it for the stunning visuals!

We always make contact with your photographer before the day in order to start building a relationship. We need to be able to work alongside them and help each other. The vast majority of photographers are great with this. We would advise when booking your photographer to speak to them first and make sure they are happy and willing to have the same approach! Our recommended partner photographer is John at Shot By JFK photography

With the exception of the ceremony, most of our filming is done at a distance with a long zoom lens so in most cases you and your guests don’t realise they are being filmed and so act naturally. Unless it’s Marryoke, we don’t get anyone to ‘act’ or do anything. In the ceremony we are naturally quite close to you at the front but as you will be busy gazing at each other you won’t really notice! If we are doing some ‘couple shots’ we might direct you a little bit and get you to do some romantic stuff, but only if you want to!
We carry Public Liability Insurance, Employer’s Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance. In case of any dispute, we also belong to the Institute Of VIdeography who offer an arbitration service. Let us know if you need us to forward our Public Liability documents to your venue.
Now! Or failing that, as soon as you can! We accept bookings any amount of time in advance. Don’t miss out!


Editing time varies between depending on the season and workload. During peak times the wait is longer but we always keep you informed along the way. Depending on package, your film is delivered via on-line menu and / or DVD / BluRay / USB depending on package choice. 

You can and you will be choosing it! We believe that this makes your film far more personal and meaningful to you. We will ask your for your music choices for each section of your Wedding film. We will purchase a Limited Manufacture Music License which allows us to legally use commercial music in your film and duplicate to DVD / BluRay / USB. Although we will publish your film on line, it is not legal for you to share this publicly on social media for example so for this reason we recommended chosing a piece of copyright free music for your highlights film

The editor will decide what footage is used and how it is edited. This will be based on any specific requests from you and on our understanding of your desires, personalities and basically the feel and emotion on the day. If there are maybe a couple of specific shots you don’t like, let us know once you have seen the on-line preview and we can sort this. Major edit changes are chargeable because of the time it takes.
This is a commonly asked question. Raw footage isn’t really watchable straight out of the camera becuase it is made up of individual files for each shot rather than one long piece of film. Also, the colour balance might need correcting and the sound might need processing or might not even be there as we sometimes record the sound independently of the camera. It may be that you are a professional editor and therefore this is no problem. We therefore have two options – option one, raw footage straight from the camera(s) – £250 – supplied on a portable hard drive and suitable for editors only, Option two – raw footage assembled into a continuous sequence with sound. Delivered on line and on a hard drive – £500
Absolutely yes – we can make any type of film such as parties, christenings, funerals, music videos, presentations you name it! Just ask and we will do it….